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Lecture Goals: Lecture 1 Describe what is meant by a scientific “theory”. Describe the application of the words “fact”, “theory” and “belief” to evolution. Define “evolution”. Confront and correct many of the misconceptions about evolution. Define genotype, phenotype, and associated terms used to describe their components. Explain the importance of Mendelian inheritance for the maintenance of genetic variation. Derive genotype and allele frequencies in a numerical example.
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Unformatted text preview: Define Hardy Weinberg equilibrium and explain 1) its properties, and 2) when it applies. Give an example of how it is used. Define and calculate heterozygosity. Describe the statistics that define continuous populations. Describe the relationships between genetic variation and evolution. Break down variation into its components, and describe them. Define the different types of heritability and their relationship to variation. List the mechanisms of the loss and maintenance of variation....
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