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Lecture 5 Goals - will be discussed in class for individual...

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Lecture Goals: Lecture 5 Apply the four elements of evolution by natural selection to each of the units of selection described in the lecture. Describe the units of selection covered in lecture and illustrate them with examples where given. Describe the “right way” to think about group selection and distinguish it from the “wrong way”. What is the problem with the “wrong way”? Infer possible outcomes of evolution when more than one level of selection is acting (this
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Unformatted text preview: will be discussed in class for individual and group selection). Describe the components of inclusive fitness. Construct relatedness diagrams and calculate relatedness. Reproduce Hamilton’s rule, define its terms, and calculate it if given an example. Recognize the elements of inclusive fitness in the example of helpers at the nest (pied kingfishers)....
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