Lecture 25 Part II Goals

Lecture 25 Part II Goals - Required . the fractal geometry...

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Lecture 25 Goals Part II: LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY Be able to: Explain the concept of a landscape. Outline the major components of landscape structure. Contrast the structures of example landscapes in terms of these components. Describe the effects of patch size on patterns of movement by small mammals. Describe the effects of corridors on movement of different types of species, and their ecological consequences. Explain linkages among the above. Reading: Chapter 21. Introduction. Required . Landscape structure: introduction. Required . the structure of six landscapes in Ohio.
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Unformatted text preview: Required . the fractal geometry of landscapes. Not required. Landscape processes: introduction. Required . dispersal of mammals. Required . density of butterfly populations. Required . habitat corridors and movement of organisms. Required . landscape position and lake chemistry. Not required. Investigating the evidence. Not required. Origins of landscape structure and change. Not required. Applications. Not required. Summary. Required ....
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