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Unformatted text preview: Katie Sias Test 2 29-Mar-06 Data k A nu Bo DP L SG 100 md 1000 sq. ft 2 cp 1.15 rb/STB 150 psi 500 ft 0.86 Theta ranges from -65 degrees to 65 degrees in increments of 5. Max Flowchart Code organization Declaration Input FOR Loop If Statement Output Code execution 7 10 8 10 8 7 10 7 67 10 10 10 You defined theat to be an integer. 10 10 The way your FOR loop is structure 10 The If statement should be within th 10 10 Errors in the code causes results to 80 ed theat to be an integer. Angle need not be an integer. your FOR loop is structured, the first value of theta will be -60 (not -65) ement should be within the FOR loop he code causes results to be off. ...
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