Exam 3 - Exam 3 1. Which of the following is a function of...

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Exam 3 1. Which of the following is a function of the contents of the acrosome during fertilization? a. Block to polyspermy b. To help propel sperm c. To digest the exterior coats of the egg d. To nourish the mitochondria of the sperm e. To trigger the completion of meiosis by the sperm cell 2. All of the following statements about fertilization are correct except: a. Gamete fusion depolarizes the egg cell membrane and sets up a fast block to polyspermy b. It reinstates diploidy c. It initiates formation of the blastula d. A slow block to polyspermy occurs when cortical granules erect a fertilization membrane 3. What is the process called that involves the movement of cells into new relative positions in an embryo and results in the formation of three germ layers a. Determination b. Cleavage c. Fertilization d. Induction e. Gastrulation 4. The “Slow block” to polyspermy is due to a. A voltage change across the egg membrane b. The consumption of yolk protein c. The jelly coat of the egg blocking sperm penetration d. Formation of the fertilization envelope (membrane) e. Inactivation of the sperm acrosome 5. The process of cellular differentiation is a direct result of a. Differential gene expression b. Morphogenesis c. Cell division d. Induction e. Differential gene distribution f. Amitotic cellular expression 6. The ability of a transplanted nucleus to support development a. Is inversely related to the developmental age of the donor b. Depends on the DNA base sequence c. Only occurs in plants d. Depends on the size of the genome e. Depends on the nucleus being haploid f. A and D 7. After gastrulation, the inner to out sequence of tissue layers in a vertebrate is a. Endoderm, ectoderm, mesoderm b. Mesoderm, endoderm, ectoderm c. Ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm d. Ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm e. Endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm 8. If gastrulation was blocked by an environmental toxin, then
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a. Cleavage would not occur in the zygote b. Embryonic germ layers would not form c. Fertilization would be blocked d. The blastula would not be formed e. The ectodermal derivative s would develop abnormally 9. Contact of a sperm with signal molecules in the coat of the egg causes the sperm to undergo a. Mitosis b. Depolarization c. Apoptosis d. Vitellogenesis e. The acrosomal response 10. The product of the bicoid gene in Drosophila provides essential information about a. The head-tail axis b. The dorsal-ventral axis c. The left-right axis d. Segmentation e. The uncoid-bicoid gradient 11. Generals map out an overall plan of war. Colonels determine the plans for specific battles. Majors decide which units will perform each function, and captains determine which soldiers will have which jobs. Given this analogy, gap genes function like:
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Exam 3 - Exam 3 1. Which of the following is a function of...

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