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final exam study guide1 - Introduction to Psychology: Fall...

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Introduction to Psychology: Fall 2009 Final Exam Study Guide Scientific Method What is a theory? What is a prediction? What is empiricism? Variables – what is an independent variable? Dependent variable? Extraneous variable? How can extraneous variables be controlled? Limitations of experimental research Correlational research o Positive vs. negative correlations o Major limitation of correlational research What is preferred, correlational or experimental research? Biopsychology Parts of a neuron and their functions When does a neuron react in an “all or none” manner vs. a “graded” manner? How a neuron fires How does a neuron transmit information about intense stimuli? What are neurotransmitters? o Possible problems with neurotransmitters: o Examples of neurotransmitters and what each is associated with Brain imaging o Mapping brain function: EEG, fMRI, and PET o Mapping brain structure: CAT and MRI Split brain research o What functions are lateralized to each hemisphere? o What happens when a person’s corpus callosum is severed? What are they able to do? What are they not able to do? Sensation and Perception Difference between sensation and perception Types of thresholds o Absolute threshold o Just noticeable difference Visual system o What is the retina? What does it do? o Optic disk – “blind spot”
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o Light receptors – rods and cones How many of each in the eye? In what conditions does each work best? Which one processes color? How are they arranged/distributed on the retina? In what way does this distribution help us? o
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final exam study guide1 - Introduction to Psychology: Fall...

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