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review exam 1 - 55 multiple choice fill in the blank and...

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55 multiple choice, fill in the blank and sort essay Bring calculator Gold standard= intervention study, they can prove cause and effect Best type is a double blind Macronutrient Carb, protein in fat measured in grams Micronutrients Vitamins and minerals measured in microns Is it necessary to consume the RDA for a nutrient every day? No. They are set high which covers more people and variation over time They are like average daily intake. You may eat a lot one day and less the next day RDA is set for different age groups, different gender groups, and pregnant and lactating women Gender age and life stage Phytochemicals Non-nutrient chemicals, we don’t need them, non-essential Beneficial to the health Ex. Things in whole grain Know the percentage of breakdown of macronutrients Ex 10-35% Define what reduced fat is? Reduced anything 25% less than the reference or original product 3 types of health claims Structure function claims are separate- Nutrient content claims are separate- ex reduced fat Qualified-not enough evidence to say for sure that something is really true. Must be a disclaimer
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1.FDA approved, they have evaluated the evidence 2. Based on an authoritative body Cholesterol 300 mg or less each day What causes ulcers? H pylori, bacteria- antibiotic treatment Smoking stress, high fat diet Protein and athletes- don’t answer Most nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine
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review exam 1 - 55 multiple choice fill in the blank and...

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