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Unformatted text preview: Jamie Wood November 4, 2009 KNES 200 My Pyramid is a reliable government based health resource website. The site allows its users to read about healthy nutrition tips, evaluate their own personal diet and physical activity, and receive a break down of specific amounts of food groups and nutrients that an individual should receive daily. The purpose of this website is to inform its users about the food pyramid and how a combination of proper nutrients and physical activity will help create a healthy lifestyle. You can easily navigate around this website through the convenient left side navigation bar. This navigation bar will take you to the different subjects of the website such as the pyramid basics, interactive tools and dietary guidelines. In the interactive tools portion of the site you’ll find “my pyramid plan” and “my pyramid tracker”. The “my pyramid plan” portion of the website can be used to determine your daily caloric needs and the specific amounts of each food group you should...
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