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Jigsaw Motor Control Definition: Motor Control is the combination of recognizing stimuli, processing it and responding through the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system in order to perform specific actions. Examples: Shooting a basketball - the brain has to go through the process of aspects of a shot and then produce it Preparing to save a shot in hockey - the brain must respond to quick, unpredictable actions to assume where the shot will go Touching a hot stove – you move your hand away before you even intellectually realize that the stove is hot Goals of the sub-discipline: to understand how to coordinate muscles and joints during movement, how to control a sequence of movements, and how to use environmental information to plan and adjust movements. (Hoffman; 214) The study of motor behavior focuses on how skills are learned and controlled, and how movement changes from birth through the end of life The study of motor control addresses 5 areas: 1. Degrees of freedom-coordination: playing catch in baseball, football 2. Motor equivalency 3. Serial order of movements-co articulation 4. Perceptual integration during movement 5. Skill acquisition Motor Control is not just vital to sports; daily activities also involve motor control: Babies learning to use a fork and spoon Dentist learning to control the drill while looking in a mirror Surgeons controlling a scalpel; micro surgeons using a laser while viewing a magnifies TV picture of the brain Children learning to ride a bike Students learning to use a computer Teenagers learning to drive Dancers as they perform carefully choreographed movements Pilots learning to control an airplane Young children leaning to control a crayon when coloring Where do motor behaviorists work and what do they do there?
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o University Labs Research in the area of motor control. Scholars may write grants to support research or programs related to practice Teaching duties could in motor control courses or related topics Evaluating motor disorders or managing a programs for individuals with motor disorders (Hoffman; 213) o Clinical settings (hospital) Work with patients in rehabilitation o Industrial or military settings
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ROUGH JIGSAW - Jigsaw Motor Control Definition: Motor...

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