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Ice Hockey 1 Sarah Leal, Katie Fritch, Kristin Schalk, Brian Rogers History, Biomechanics and Physiology of Ice Hockey A. History of Ice Hockey a. Origin i. Nova Scotia, by the Micmac Indians, in the 1800s. b. The sport was influence by an Irish game called hurling; it included the use of a hurley (type of stick used) and a square wooden block and sometimes a ball. c. The game spread to Canada by Irish and Scottish immigrants. d. The Canadians, who originally played field hockey, adopted some of the elements of the game, such as the face off and hitting of the opponents. e. 1860 the first puck was used. (AthleticScholarships, 2008.) B. Beginning of Ice Hockey in the United States a. In 1894, the first artificial ice rink was opened in Baltimore. b. The first recorded ice hockey game in the United States was in 1895 against the Canadians. It was the first international series of matches and the Canadians won all four games. After this, the game of ice hockey began its spread to the eastern United States.
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i. At this time in history, the United States were in the middle of the Industrial Revolution. Colleges and Schools were encouraging students to become involved in physical activity due to the lack of health in this era. Ice hockey was one sport that people became involved with since it was new to the American culture and people had the desire to explore it. Especially at this time, it was not very costly enabling all people and all social classes to engage in the sport. c. In 1917 the National Hockey League was formed from only four teams. This was enough to bring the sport of ice hockey into the Summer Olympics in 1920. C. The Turning Point of Ice Hockey in America a. During the tough years of the great depression and World War II, the National Hockey League had its ups and downs along with the economic situation that America was facing. The National Hockey League over came these troubles and built their foundations upon these events. b. In 1924 the first game held in the United States and the first time that America beat Canada in a game; score 2-1. c. The original six teams in the NHL were, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadians, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs. D. 1950s Increase in Communication and Globalization a. Ice Hockey began to become extremely publicized through the media. The first game broadcasted on October 11, 1952, in Canada was between New York and Montreal, New York defeated Montreal; 3-2. i. The first Ice Hockey player to appear on the cover of a magazine was Jean Beliveau on “Sports Illustrated.” b. Around this time, in 1956 the immigration of sport was very noticeable. i. The first African American to engage in ice hockey was Willie O’Ree of the Boston Bruins. ii.
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Sport Project ICE HOCKEY - Ice Hockey 1 Sarah Leal Katie...

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