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Sports Project TENNIS - History of Tennis Chad Simmons...

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History of Tennis Chad Simmons, Taylor Kemp, Karly Hobbs, and Bobby Kearney The modern game of tennis also known as “lawn tennis” was originated in the United Kingdom in the late 19 th century Many sports with similar connection to tennis were played before modern tennis. Like handball, which the monks played in the 11 th century and real tennis, which started in the 16 th century. Many people say modern tennis was formed from real tennis. The creator of lawn tennis was Major Walter Clopton Wingfield. There have been little changes in the rules of tennis since its creation. 1) James Van Alen created the idea of tiebreak and it was added in the 1970s. 2) With the advances in technology professional tennis players became allowed to challenge umpire’s calls using the hawk eye and instant replay. -This brings excitement to the game and a player can challenge three times in a set and one extra for tiebreak. -The US Open was the first to institute this new challenge rule. 3) The shape of the court changed from a hourglass to a rectangle shape in 1875. Tennis became a spectator sport overtime due to the four grand slams. -Wimbledon’s championships, which were first held in 1877. -French Open, which dates back to 1891. -Australian Open dating back to 1905. -US open dating back 1881 for men and 1887 for women. The United States Nation Lawn tennis association was created May 21,1881 to standardize the rules and organize competition. Today it is called USTA. Tennis entered the United States after Mary Ewing Outerbridge traveled to Bermuda were she met Major Walter Wingfield, the inventor of lawn tennis. Mary brought back with her the equipment need to play tennis.
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International tennis was halted during WWI and WWII, but resumed right after the wars ended. The Courts Grass courts were the original surface for tennis courts and were dominating the surfaces in all the grand slams besides the French Open until the 1970s. The French Open Used clay courts because in their region and South America clay courts dominated the land. The US Open and the Australian Open both use hard courts in their tournaments. However, these courts were not used in any tournaments until the 1940s. Equality Issues Then and Today In 1884 a women’s championship division was added to Wimbledon. -This was only a few years after the development of the men’s championship in 1877. In 1887 a women’s championship division was added to the US Open. -This was only six years after the development of the men’s championship in 1881. In tennis today women are paid unequal amounts in prize money solely because they are women. Reasons why women should get paid the same. -Women get equal if not better television ratings.
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Sports Project TENNIS - History of Tennis Chad Simmons...

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