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submax lab questions - contract our muscle fibers need our...

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1. A sub-maximal cycle test is an efficient way to determine VO2 max without exercising the person to fatigue. A sub-maximal test can take an individual up to 85% of their age predicted maximum heart rate. Since there is a linear relationship between oxygen consumption/heart rate and work rate, maximal oxygen consumption can be predicted from an accuracy of about 10-15% from a sub-max test. Also, sub-max testing is useful in monitoring changes in fitness of physical activity participants by comparing their heart rates before and after. Maximal testing may not always be practical due to equipment, expertise and physical limitation. 2. Cycle ergometry is a sub maximal test that uses a bike to stabilize work rate to figure out your predicted maximum heart rate and estimated VO2 max. Units of work are kgm/min. 3. We are measuring how strong your mitochondria are and how efficiently they can use the oxygen to support a high rate of exercise. To receive oxygen and make ATP for our muscles to
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Unformatted text preview: contract, our muscle fibers need our respiratory system to fill out blood with oxygen to be delivered to the working muscles and for the mitochondria to carry out the process of aerobic energy transfer. 4. 85% of Max heart Rate Jordan: (220-19)=201x.85=170.85 BPM Jamie: (220-18)=202 x .85=171.1 BPM 5. Estimated VO2 max Jordan: 4.8 L/min x1000/55.3 kg=86.799 ml/kg/min Jamie: 4.06 L/min x 1000/50.8 kg =79.9 ml/kg/min Compared to females of similar age both of our maximums are considered very high. Jordan and Jamie have very low resting heart rates. The abnormally high data could be due to a data error. This could be due to the very slow rate we were directed to pedal on the bikes. Although Jamie currently runs many times a week, and Jordan has cardio or lifting every day. Since we are both fit, our resting heart rates are very low and our VO2 max’s are very high....
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submax lab questions - contract our muscle fibers need our...

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