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BSCI105 Lab Report Scoring Guide (Partial Lab Report) V ALUE 1. U NACCEPTABLE 2. N EEDS WORK 3. C OMPETENT 4. E XEMPLARY C OMMENTS T ITLE 1 Fails to describe project or not original Weak description of project, overly wordy, imprecise or unclear Adequately describes project, but is somewhat wordy, imprecise, or unclear Descriptive and precise and conveys a clear sense of the project A BSTRACT 4 Five elements not recognizable, and fails to convey purpose/outcome of experiment One or two elements missing or unrecognizable, and purpose/outcome of experiment is unclear or inaccurate All five elements present but obtuse or out of order, with vague statement of purpose/outcome of experiment All five elements incorporated, and clearly conveys purpose/outcome of experiment I NTRODUCTION (E XPERIMENT ) 2 Fails to state hypothesis and provide a clear description of experiment and results Hypothesis present, but irrelevant or not clearly defined, with poor description of experiment and results Overall adequate but hypothesis imprecise, unclear how experiment will address hypothesis, and relevance of results uncertain Clearly states a testable hypothesis,
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