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Christian Websites - CHRISTIAN WEBSITES Christian...

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CHRISTIAN WEBSITES Christian Apologetics Defending and explaining the Christian faith to Christians and others. A website run by very well-educated lay Catholics, some being former leaders in various Protestant denominations. Try searching the Library, This Rock Journal, Chastity, etc. Or enter a topic in the Search box and read the many articles that come up. Do not use Forum information for the essay exam. Search “Faith Facts” and “Lay Witness” magazine issues for subjects of interest. A lay Catholic Christian site. Or use “Search” by entering a topic you want to learn about. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. Info on everything. A Reformed Protestant Christian viewpoint. Check back issues of “Research Journal” and “Hank Speaks Out.” Visit the “Store.” Look for free online “Resources.” Or search by topic. A Protestant Christian outlook. Very large index compiled by evangelical Protestant Christians. Caution: contains secular and non- Christian sources too. Defending Christian Religious Freedom American Center for Law and Justice. Thomas More Law Center. Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights. Christians and Homosexuality Catholic homosexual community site. Contains spiritual and psychological information, articles, FAQS, personal testimonies. Promotes abstinence from homosexual activity. Click links for related Christian and non-Christian sites (including site of secular NARTH, which is the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality). Large interdenominational Christian organization promoting the message of freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ. Christian Television Networks and Personalities Eternal Word Television Network. International Catholic TV, radio, shortwave network. Also, huge, easy to use website, with tons of info on almost everything. Search “Faith,” “News,” “Library,” etc.
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Christian Websites - CHRISTIAN WEBSITES Christian...

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