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Sociology of Medicine Study Guide Exam 2 spring 2010 1) Be familiar with the film “John Q” by understanding the different messages created by the director. 2) In what ways do modern hospitals differ from the early hospitals in the US? 3) What factors can account for Medicine’s rise in professional power and status? 4) What are some of the benefits of a Managed Care system? What role does the “Gatekeeper” serve? 5) Understand how the term “caring” specifically refers tow what nurses do. 6) How do ICUs change the relationship between physician and patient? 7) How are the majority of Americans receiving their health insurance—who pays for the care? 8) What is meant by the term alternative health care? (Will discuss in lecture when we
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Unformatted text preview: return from Break.) 9) What does Charon argue doctors need to listen to when treating patients? 10) Understand the general concept of Medicare’s Prospective Payment System (PPS). 11) Why do you think that Americans have been reluctant to adopt Universal Health Care? 12) Is there rationing [done] regarding getting transplants (transplanted organs) to those in need? **Note that we will be moving the readings from the AGING book (chpts 1 and 2) to section 3 of the course. The syllabus lists a film that we had planned to show in class the week we come back, however, if we run out of time, we may not be able to show it. Enjoy your week away—relax!...
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