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Study Questions for Exam 1 spring 10 The following list will help you to prepare for exam 1 on Friday, Feb 26th. Please resource the teaching assistants and Blackboard (for abbreviated lecture notes) as well. 1) Know the leading causes of death (diseases) and whether they are acute or chronic. 2) Understand the term medicalization (what are the social implications of medicalization)? 3) In what ways can social class impact your health status? 4) What are the various measurements of health outcomes? 5) Refer to article 12 on chronic illness. How do patients in the study differ on their descriptions of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)?
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Understand the meaning behind the saying, women are sicker, but men die quicker. 7) How do men and women differ in their morbidity rates? 8) How do patients with AIDS/HIV deal with the level of stigma they encounter? (Article by Ciambrone) 9) What is meant by the term popular epidemiology? 10) What are some of the factors that have led to the growth of Medical Sociology as a field within the social sciences? 11) Referring to reading 2 (Williams), explain how racism can affect health and health care? 12) What is the most important variable in terms of explaining health outcomes?...
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