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SOC 200 May 3, 2010 EXAM MAY 12 th  at 11:15 ESS001 NY Times Article about Suicide : men have a higher percentage of being successful with committing suicide, highest rate among white, middle aged men. The rate of elderly people attempting/ committing suicide has increased as well, especially white males. Unfair treatment? Nursing homes? Increased suicide during midlife for many. Depression- Sleep/wake cycles interrupted Weight changes
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Unformatted text preview: Fatigue (very incapacitating) Shift in emotional levels- irritable/ anger/ anxiety/confusion Article on AGING- nursing home, p.364 of TEXT The elderly people are undertreated, although they are under medication, they are taken advantage of DEMENTIA- forgetfulness, don’t remember what they are supposed to be doing, can forget where they are and even as bad as who they are and who other people are...
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