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April 23, 2010 MORE ON AGEISM CULTURE AND CAREGIVING “Do The Right Thing…” Reading omitted Ageism - Treating people differently because of age - Structural Discrimination o Workplace, residence discrimination o Older people getting pushed out of industries Turnover (TOO MUCH NOT A GOOD THING) Older people should move over and let young people come in Companies save money using the younger employees Rush For Wealth In China - The way Chinese treats elderly is starting to change - Economic changes are changing behavior towards old people - Suicide among old people in China has grown o Has to do with economic development of China Circling My Mother – Mary Gordon - Good caregiver on the outside but is unable to give care on a deeper level
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Unformatted text preview: Care giving-A caregiver is any person paid or unpaid who gives care Caregiver’s Burden-Formal: physicians/those who are formally paid and have a shift-Informal: family members, friends, neighbors o Giving care is expected o Aren’t always the best caregivers o No formal training o Emotions get in the way o Especially worse for caregivers of dementia patients o Drafted into care giving Not always in the most opportune time Forced to work more than 8 hour days Reading on Latina Caregivers-Burden is higher in this group-Families responsibility to take on the care of elders-You take care of your own-Typically females...
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