042110 - **therefore we may need to change our attitudes...

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04/21/10 Final: May 12 th at 11:15am Extra Credit posted on BB- due last day of class - To be a reflexive piece - 2 options- choose 1 - What do you think, being ideas you learned from lectures, readings, movies and etc. - Not required to find outside resources - Have ID#, page #, double-spaced, spell check/ grammar check Successful Aging Reading on Successful Aging #7 - In an youth dominated society, where older people are devalued- judged much more harshly o This is particularly true in the US- not everywhere - Is there such a thing as successful aging? o 1- physically active o 2- current (new tech) Need to be able to keep up Keep up to the young’s standards ** perhaps it is not the old people who are the problem and moving slowly- rather it maybe us that are moving too fast**
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Unformatted text preview: **therefore we may need to change our attitudes toward old people and change the standards** o 3- both # 1 and 2 are tied to good physiological health-As you get older, opinions of you change, how you should act, think, and even how you dress changes o Your identity change- Who are you? o Each person can define successful aging differently from one another Reading on Ageism #35- Lisa Grant -Discrimination o Judging base on age Slow down Memory loss- short term Endurance-Is it worth accommodating the old people at work places and other areas? o Grant says yes o b/c the payoff is greater Health care costs decrease Young people benefit w/ the interactions of older people- who has experience...
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042110 - **therefore we may need to change our attitudes...

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