041610 - Europe-Becomes a top-heavy society o Where a...

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04/16/10 Aging - Our society values youth o Dread getting older, so try to hold onto youth - Lifespan- set within each specie - ALE- can shift from time to time, country to country o It is beyond biology and chemistry o Has increased worldwide- mostly in wealthy nations - Longevity- long life, extended life o Can be related to genetics - Old people are living longer, past life expectance- BUT not all are living a good life o If you go past 80 yrs of age, most likely will live on for quite some time o If your health when you were younger was good, that will most likely continue on as you age Geriatrics (old people medicine) - Old people’s demands are different - Care will be different from younger people As a society gets older, people live longer, births decrease - Population shrinks - # of younger population decreases - There is a stabilization of population - There is a fear of the lack of younger population to support the older people- especially in
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Unformatted text preview: Europe-Becomes a top-heavy society o Where a society w/ a large pop. of old people is support by a much smaller pop. of younger people o There is a smaller # of younger people who can work Article: Political Life Medicare -Huge pop. of old people -Thus has huge amts. of political power- use it by voting-Have used it before to shape Medicare-Younger generations also benefit o Like that the govt is supporting the older people so that they dont have to o It is already expensive to have their own healthcare o But at the same time complain that the govt is using too much $ for the old people ** Medicare is a form of universal healthcare** Reading: Aging 1-How culture treats old people-Image of old people differs in diff. culture-Culture reflects old people-U.S. focuses on the young...
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041610 - Europe-Becomes a top-heavy society o Where a...

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