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040710 - -look at the non traditional forms of medicine o...

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04/07/10 Exam Friday A-J in normal lecture room K-Z in Eng 143 (see BB) _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Wrapping up Section 2 Problems b/w Physicians and Nurses - Gender - Power - Hierarchy Doctor- Nurse Game - First study done in 1967 - Revisited in 1980 o N0t a lot of changes but some o The nurses were more empowered due to higher education etc However was not using that power, still playing that game Malpractices - Physicians were taught to not talk about mistakes o Deny and defend themselves o Don’t put career on risk - But when doctors did admit and apologized for their mistakes, there was a surprisingly result o b/c the doctor apologized, they look more human to the patient and their families o the % of malpractice charges decreases, instead of increasing
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- physicians have always looked god-like o don’t question, challenge o more younger generations challenge doctors than older generations Alternative Medicine - due to changes in culture- no longer just look at formal healthcare
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Unformatted text preview: -look at the non traditional forms of medicine o yoga therapy o acupuncture-b/c we are a more educated public- more likely to search out things to do on our own o be self serving-it can also be more costly and have more room for error-some doctors do not like and believe in alternative forms of medicine o patients like open minded doctors who are willing to try different things-instead of isolating alternative medicine- try to see it as complementary medicine o use along with formal medicine NY Time article: Medicaid Plan Prods Patients Toward Health-Medicaid is very expensive o usually deals with preventive illness- which is effected by life style factors-wants to create an experimental project o to start making patients responsible if dont follow the doctors instructions, Medicaid will no longer cover you patients will have to start to pitch in- do their part need to change lifestyle...
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040710 - -look at the non traditional forms of medicine o...

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