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March 26, 2010 Doctors And Nurses - Professional and Professionalism o Self directed (law, teaching, doctors, etc) o Most times highly paid o Higher social standing - Getting into profession is very selective o Limited numbers o Not everyone can be a particular profession - Flow of information and knowledge is restricted in some ways - Professional status = selection process - Monopoly for people like physicians o Set standards because of their status and can set boundaries because of their standing - Nursing professions o Aids o RN o LPN o BSN o NP o Nurse Anesthesiologist o PhD - Outpatient Dialysis o Hospitals
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Unformatted text preview: o Doctors office o Schools o Assisted living o Nursing homes-Nurses = care VS. Doctors = cure-Nursing is a distinct field for medicine o Patient advocacy o More opportunity to look at bigger picture o More sympathetic and nurturing o Enter with nurse, leave with nurse-Home care nurses have more freedom to be the doctors eyes and someones home-Hospital nurses have more altercations with doctors because they cant dominate them-Sometimes nurses know more about patients because they spend more time with them and know more...
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