032210 - who work there-b/c patients are not responsive...

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03/22/10 Healthcare reforms ICUs Politics/Healthcare EXAM 2 moved to April 9 th - 1946- marked the change of hospitals into complex, bureaucratic institutions o Hill Burton Hospital Reconstruction Act - Hospitals became a magnet for healthcare new technology and new techniques - People began to depend and trust hospitals Intensive Care Units- ICUs - A very controlled environment - Patients are unconscious - The environment is very quiet, no tv - Nurse to patient ratios are 1:1 or 1:2 - Have the best technology, best staff- very experiences, best medication because the patients may or not survive o Very expensive- mentality of the staff is get patient better, and get out of ICUs Robert Zussman- author of Intensive Care - Examines ICUs and how it is effecting the patients and the nurses, doctors, and residents
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Unformatted text preview: who work there-b/c patients are not responsive, comatose, and cannot be visited on a regular basis o lose their personhood- no longer have an identity, just a patient with a specific disease, needs to get better and get out- no narratives o visits are controlled, environment is controlled o no longer able to question the doctors or hospitals- very scientific and technical- the ICUs has the authority can override morals and questions the staff is doing everything by the book o patients become objectified identified by the illness or disease, dont look at patient or their story...
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032210 - who work there-b/c patients are not responsive...

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