031910 - 03/19/10 "green screen"- economic...

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03/19/10 - “green screen”- economic barrier - Ex. Transplants- rate of transplants is lower for minorities, women, and the poor - We like to think the order of people who receive transplants is from who needs it the most to least o But many who truly needs it are unable to receive b/c of economic reasons - Hospitals- first hospital in 1751 o But before then had things similar to hospitals o The first hospitals were mostly houses with several beds, supported by women of the community- had mostly mentally ill patients asylums Therefore hospitals were not attractive places to go and get treatment- people tended to go to private doctors or midwives o 1830- build had official asylum Most of the hospitals were build for the poor Due to lack of medical and scientific knowledge- doctors worked on these poor people and learned while do so Hospitals were places for people to stay comfortable in, not to get cured o 1900- increase in knowledge- medically and scientifically Hospitals started to change into what we know today
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031910 - 03/19/10 "green screen"- economic...

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