030810 - -Tried to find 2 nd job also tried to raise money...

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03/08/10 - Portrays the inadequacies of the health care system Movie: John Q - John- the protagonist- his son, Mike, requires a heart transplant o But John’s health insurance did not allow him to qualify to put his son’s name on the list for transplants His health insurance from his job had changed to an HMO- which depends on the number of hrs an employee works: John had worked a part time amt. of hrs, so only qualified for a second tier health insurance o Since his health insurance did not qualify- John needed to pay up front $75,000 to just put his son’s name on the list- no money, no transplant
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Unformatted text preview: -Tried to find 2 nd job, also tried to raise money- but in the end it was not enough to put Mike’s name on the list and the hospital was going to release Mike from the hospital-Begged the doctors to give him time and keep Mike in the hospital, but was denied: as a last resort, John decided to shut down the hospital o He took the heart surgeon and any remaining people in the hospital as hostages He wanted to force the doctors to perform surgery on his son...
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