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030310 - -Many different kinds of care and costs o Nursing...

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03/03/10 Section II Health Care - Very costly - Lots of old people => more morbidity, need more medication Infantilization (MS reading that was moved) - Ex. Dementia – devastating to that person and the people around them o Very debilitating o Mostly like will be taken care of in a nursing home Very costly to be taken care of Requires lots of work and money - Not just dementia, but other long term illnesses and old people require custodial care - Usually the people who takes care - the health care workers- are not the most skilled or highly trained To deal with the large group of people and the physical demanding amount of work involved- require a tactic to take care of them Usually involving things like deception or infantilizing o Infantilizing- treating them as you would a child Other methods like pharmacological or physical restraints have been outlawed- inhumane and may lead to more problems Long term care
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Unformatted text preview: -Many different kinds of care and costs o Nursing home o Daycares -Causes huge costs in HC Healthcare-3 P’s- 3 players involved in healthcare o Practitioners- work in HC o Payors- insurance companies, employers, gov’t, us, private pay patients- pay for themselves b/c cannot get $ from other people o Patients -Out health care is not universal, depends on the payors-One of the crucial payors is the gov’t o Gov’t health insurance Federal State • Two type of insurance- medicare and Medicaid o Medicare- federal insurance program- everybody gets an equal amts of coverage- age based Needs to reach a certain age- old Permanently disabled o Medicaid- federal and state program Have to be poor- poor is differently defined in each state-Insurance differs from state to state o Depends on things like : Population size Cost of living...
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030310 - -Many different kinds of care and costs o Nursing...

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