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February 24, 2010 Exam Friday 02/26/2010 – GOOD LUCK! Biographical Disruption (Reading 15) - How do certain diseases/illnesses cause biological disruption – change a person’s identity? - Interviews women with HIV/AIDS => Authors call it a traumatic diagnosis - Disrupted former identity – you see yourself differently because of the diagnosis - Women not afraid of death, but of change of plans o Ruined sexual identities o Am I going to be desirable? o Some already had marginalized identities and this diagnosis furthered that marginalization Stigmatized The Medical Management of Femininity - Study of women who had breast implants - Example of qualitative research - Found women that had problems with their implants => not getting a clean sample - “When you complained about the problems you were having, how did your physician deal with you?” o Felt they didn’t great responses from their physicians Didn’t take it seriously/didn’t have data
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Unformatted text preview: -Why did women feel “dissed?”-Doctors think women are drawn to medicine to manage their looks The Social Organization of Illness (Reading 17)-Elliot Fritzman = one of the fathers of medical sociology o Understand medicine as an institution o How does it shape behavior-Typologies of patient-doctor interaction o Guidance/Cooperation – Physician guides you with scrip’s and you’re expected to cooperate/comply (Most people) o Mutual Participation – Physician and patient are almost on equal footing in terms of “power” (Common in patients treated with chronic/mental illness/ongoing management of disease) Give and take relationship • Physician understands limitations so they respond “Let me know how it goes”-BE SURE TO KNOW ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP WHERE PATIENT HAS NO CONTROL -ARTICLE ON INFANTILIZATION PUSHED TO NEXT EXAM.-LOOK AT ARTICLE ON TRUST (ARTICLE 19)...
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