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SOC 200 2-22-10 Popular Epidemiology - Many people are interested in disease - Not only doctors and those in health care - The internet and media - The public is interested in why people are getting sick due to the TOXIC environment we live in. (water) - Limes disease—a bacterial infection, most commonly from deer ticks - In the past 15-20 years there has been a vast amount of information on limes - People are pushing for more research When people want answers they become politically active. Medical field and politics are very interrwinded. Much savier public, we are self learning. We are not losing our faith in science, we are more interested and willing to learn.
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Unformatted text preview: • Article on Rheumatoid Arthritis ( R.A) 2/3 are women • Chronic disease, this is a mysterious disease • 3 Patients in the article- BILL , who was critical and very angry, he was suffering and didn’t understand why, was his stress playing a role? JILL had lived a very hard life and was very unhappy. She accepted the disease but was starting to lose her faith in God and her religion. BETTY had got her strength from her illness. She was not questioning anymore and just was looking for meaning from this disease. She felt this shaped her identity...
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