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021710 - -Coughing after exercise = asthma Patient...

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February 17, 2010 Medicalization Continued Patient Narratives Anti-depressants: - Are we going to start using antidepressants to mold personality? - Anti-depressants are being prescribed at a younger and younger age. - Can it change emotional and psychological development? - Prozac and Zoloft are the most often-prescribed psych meds in children. Criminal behavior that becomes medicalized: - Using medical problems as an out - Makes people less responsible - Mary Kay Letourneau and Villi Falou (Teacher and 13-year old having sexual affair) o Documentaries claimed she was depressed/off her medication/bipolar What’s Making Us Sick Is An Epidemic of Diagnoses (NY Times Article) - Banning peanut butter in school because of food allergies
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Unformatted text preview: -Coughing after exercise = asthma? Patient Narrative (The Patients Story):-The term disease is a biomedical term o Define disease based on changes in things we can measure o Also can be defined as behavioral changes-Illness o Social elaboration of disease o Experience of having the disease is unique-What does it feel like to have this disease?-More opportunity to tell patient narrative I you have a chronic illness-Help physicians get a much bigger pictures – can lead to make better decisions in treatment-Doesn’t matter what illness we have, not every person with the same illness is the same o Ex. Multiple Sclerosis is not the same house to house...
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