020810 - Medicaid- the poor have no other choices for their...

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02/08/10 - ex. Breast cancers - the rates of women who are diagnosed in the US and outside and also among different races differ - the women also get better at different rates- when comparing African American vs White women; White women get better faster than African American women: Why? - economic status- no $ for treatments - no health insurance - not treated as aggressively then white women - not given all the medicine - diagnosed differently- much later for African Am. Women - ex. Mental Illness - women are sicker, but men die quicker - women report more morbidity- problems can be addressed quickly - taking more prescriptions, thus suffering more, but they also learn, improve, and will be able to live better - poor kids on Medicaid are given more prescriptions for mental illness than kids not on
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Unformatted text preview: Medicaid- the poor have no other choices for their children and will take whatever is given to them- unlike those who have other options- ex. Heart Disease- # 1 cause of death in women and men- women die more in the first heart attack than men - since much research on this disease was done on men, it was believed to be a man’s disease- but as research is being done on women, it is found that symptoms are different for women and that women are also dying of this disease- not just the men Medicalization- to be made medical of- to take an event and put it in the perspective of medicine- we overuse the medical institution in our lives...
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020810 - Medicaid- the poor have no other choices for their...

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