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1/29/10 Mortality/Morbidity Health outcomes Social Inequality - Economic needs in medicines- the costs - Aging population - We are always going to be sick- constantly find new diseases and always searching for a new cure - Healthy outcomes- measurements of the rates of sickness and death - using morbidity and mortality - Mortality- - ALE- Average Life Expectancy - the mean of how long people in a given society are expected to live - Japan- one of the highest ALE
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Unformatted text preview: - Parts of Africa and Afghanistan- some of the lowest ALE- Infant mortality – infant mortality rate (IMR)- how many babies die shows how that country has a good health system - Neo Natal IMR- death in 1 st month- Post Neo Natal IMR- 1 st month to 1 yr- Where you are in a society- upper or lower- affects your health- social class (education, jobs, and income) really predicts how long you live...
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