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CITATION OF SOURCES OF INFORMATION FOR PROJECTS 1. Cite each figure and table that you include. 2. Include only references cited in text in the Literature Cited section. 3. Use the following standard abbreviations: hr (hours), min (minutes), ft (feet), ft-c (foot-candles), diam. (diameter, when used with a value), km (kilometer), m (meter), cm (cm). 4. Within parentheses, use a semicolon between types of citations; for example, "(Fig. 4; Table 2)" or "(Jones, 1950; Smith and Doe, 1967, 1968)." 5. Within parentheses, use commas rather than connecting words for a series; for example, "(Smith, 1952, 1959, 1962; Jones, 1962, 1965)." Several references in a series within parentheses should be arranged chronologically (beginning with the earliest date) and then alphabetically for a given year. 6. Examples of author citations in text a. Two authors: Smith and Jones (1960) or (Smith and Jones, 1960) b. Three authors or more: Doe et al. (1958) Include the following information: For each article:
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