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ECEN LAB2 - Using Measured Values Measured Value Error from...

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Introduction Lab two focused on a circuit that could be solved using Thevenin equivalent circuit and the Norton equivalent circuit. The nominal values given were used for calculations and simulations, however after the measurements were made, new values were observed and compared. This report contains these comparisons in the tables below. Nominal Measured % Error R1 47Ω 47Ω 0% R2 47Ω 46.3Ω 1.5% R3 100Ω 98.9Ω 1.1% R4 220Ω 220Ω 0% RL 100Ω 99.5Ω .5% Vs 5V 4.87V 2.6% IL 9.76mA 9.8% The table above shows the given values of resistance, voltage and current next to their measured counterparts. The next table depicts a measured and calculated VL and IL for easy comparison. Calculated Using Nominal Values Calculated
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Unformatted text preview: Using Measured Values Measured Value % Error from Nominal Values % Error from Measured Values IL 10.82mA 10.35Ma 9.67mA 4.3% 6.3% IL(EWB) 10.82mA 10.58mA 9.67mA 4.3% 8.6% VL 1.082V .971V 1.03V 4.8% 6.06% Rth using the measured values is 32.97Ω, Vth is 1.396 V and Isc is 42.34mA while the calculated value of Isc using nominal values was 43.19mA. . After measuring values for the different resistances and calculating the value for VL the results are not far from each other. Most of the percent errors were very low, meaning that the results are close to the same. Differences could be attributed to small deficiencies in the wires, meters and circuit boards....
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