ECEN_215_Project - ECEN 215 P roject May 5 2010 Steve K...

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ECEN 215 Project May 5, 2010 Steve Krueger Christy Nam
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Objectives The objective of this project was to design three different circuits that will block out signal components with frequencies in a specified range, while passing through signal components with frequencies outside that range. In doing this we will create a band stop (or notch) filter. The specifications for the band stop filter are as follows. A. Center frequency of stop band at 180 Hz B. Gain at very high and very low frequencies 30dB C. Gain at center of stop band 5dB D. Bandwidth of stop band 40 Hz The three circuit prototypes were provided and include a passive LRC circuit, an active single op amp with gain and an active triple op amp with gain. We have tweaked the values so that they have satisfied as many of the specifications possible. One design, design Y, met all four specifications. Theory We used the equations and ideas based on stop band frequencies, high and low pass filters in an op amp circuit and LRC circuits. There is a relationship between the resistors,
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This note was uploaded on 05/09/2010 for the course ECEN 215 taught by Professor Styblinski during the Spring '08 term at Texas A&M.

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ECEN_215_Project - ECEN 215 P roject May 5 2010 Steve K...

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