Lab_1_Introduction - find current. Kirchoffs Current Law is...

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Introduction This lab utilized skills in solving circuits by various laws as well as Electronics Work Bench. Four different circuits were given which needed to be solved and physically measured. Kirchoff’s Voltage and Current Laws along with Ohm’s Law were used to calculate the indicated quantities shown on the diagrams. The results have been calculated and are compared later in the report. Tabulated Values Figure 1 Calculated By Hand Calculated Using EWB I 1.2mA 1.2mA V 6V 6V Figure2 Is 10.83mA 10.83mA I1 5mA 5mA I2 2.5mA 2.5mA I3 3.33mA 3.33mA Figure 3 V1 1.538V 1.538V V2 2.308V 2.308V V3 1.154V 1.154V Figure 4 V1 1.562V 1.562V V2 3.437V 3.437V I 15.62mA 15.62mA Figure Descriptions Figure 1 is an example of Ohm’s Law, voltage and resistance are given and Ohm’s Law can be used to
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Unformatted text preview: find current. Kirchoffs Current Law is used to solve Figure 2, there are three different current loops in parallel with three different resistances given. The law can be used to find the different currents throughout the circuit. Figure 3 is an example of Ohms Law and Kirchoffs Voltage Law as three resistors are in series. The current can be calculated using Ohms Law. Given that the sum of all the voltages is zero the drops across the resistors can be found with the previously calculated current. Figure 4 is similar to Figure 3 using Ohms Law and KVL....
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Lab_1_Introduction - find current. Kirchoffs Current Law is...

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