The female reproductive system

The female reproductive system - The female reproductive...

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The female reproductive system (final will be from this slide on) – review Dini’s notes on the FRS Components of the Female Reproductive System o Ovaries – most important for female hormone regulation o Uterine tubes (connected to ovary) o Uterus (a lot of muscle) o Vagina o External genitalia Labia Minora Majora Structural support o Broad ligament (not real ligament – mesentery structure) Mesentery that Surrounds the ovaries, uterine tubes, and uterus Attaches these structures to the lateral pelvic wall Carries vasculature and nerves to the uterus and tubes The ovaries (1) o Small, almond-shaped organs o Female gonads o The ovaries are composed of: An outer cortex Contains follicles An inner medulla o Contains the blood vessels Composition of follicle o A female germ cell “oocyte” which is surrounded by o A epithelium The epithelium type and function depends on the development Before we discuss development let’s review how a cell divides: o Mitosis o Meiosis Mitosis o Human body (somatic) cells contain 46 chromosomes o Somatic cell division Produces two identical daughter cells which also have 46 chromosomes Meiosis o Specialized form of cell division which occurs only in gametes (germ cells) Oocytes in females Spermatozoa in males
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o Meiosis divides chromosomes in half so gametes contain 23 chromosomes o Fusion of male and female gametes produces A zygote with 46 chromosomes So what’s unique about meiosis? o Crossing over Some genetic material is exchanged Ovary oocyte production – oogenesis (1) o Begins from oocyte stem cells called “oogonia” o Oogonia undergo mitosis to produce oocytes before birth In spermatogonia mitosis occurs throughout adult life
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The female reproductive system - The female reproductive...

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