3. Normal Flora Clean Copy

3. Normal Flora Clean Copy - The Story of Your Life Normal...

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Normal Bacterial Flora / Host Response to Infection The Story of Your Life • You are born • You become colonized with bacteria • You live • You die • The bacteria recycle you Normal Flora • microorganisms found in particular sites in normal, healthy individuals • they do not cause disease (usually) •1 0 14 bacteria; most are anaerobes • certain yeasts may be part of normal flora; viruses and parasites are always considered pathogens • constituents and numbers vary by body site, age, when antibiotics are given, with disruption of anatomic or physiologic function Normal Flora Resident / Commensal Flora : present invariably in a particular site; generally benefit or have neutral relationship with the host Transient Flora : found briefly or intermittently at a body site but generally eliminated by competition from resident flora or by host’s immune defenses Carrier State : potential pathogen is found in normal healthy host; may or may not result in disease Role of Normal Flora A. Resistance to infection by pathogens: • occupation of binding sites • mucin secretion • secretion of noxious substances B. Stimulation of immune system C. Nutrient source D. Stimulation of epithelial turnover Normal Flora As Pathogens A. Opportunistic Infections: • immunocompromised state • antibacterial therapy • penetrating trauma B. Tissue Invasion: eg. Streptococcus mutans
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3. Normal Flora Clean Copy - The Story of Your Life Normal...

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