8. GI Infections - Gastrointestinal Infections Infections...

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Infections Of The Gastrointestinal Tract Gastrointestinal Infections • Three categories: – Food Poisoning (limited event) – Gastroenteritis (ongoing event) – Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea / Colitis (triggered by alteration in flora) The popular lexicon • Blowing chunkies • Technicolor yawn • Calling Ralf • Placing a long distance call on the Big White Telephone • Spewing • Projectile vomiting • Barfing • Montezuma's Revenge • Aztec Two Step • Delhi Belly • The Trots • Being the source of the Great Brown River • Code Brown Gastrointestinal Infections Infections of the G.I. tract are common: • 2nd only to respiratory infections • Asia / Africa / Latin America risk of dying from diarrhea by age 7 yrs is almost 50% • 4.5 - 6 million children per year die due to diarrheal illness • Watch for electrolyte loss in small children! Oral Rehydration Therapy • Water alone does not restore electrolytes lost due to diarrhea. •ORT : – 1 litre clean water – Add a three finger pinch of salt – Add a hand full of sugar – Works because of a Na/glucose co-transporter Digestion 101 • Food is nearly sterile after stomach and is broken down and absorbed in small intestine – Failure to absorb -> smelly diarrhea, bloating and gas • Water is absorbed in the large intestine – Failure to absorb -> watery diarrhea • Above is only approximate, asking “where
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Definitions Diarrhea - excretion of >200 g of stool / day - increased frequency - takes shape of container - watery (exotoxin or viral) or bloody (cytoxin or invasion) Dysentery - frequent small stools with mucus, pus, and blood accompanied by pain and cramps during defecation Enteric fever - systemic infection originating from the gastrointestinal tract
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8. GI Infections - Gastrointestinal Infections Infections...

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