12. CNS Infections

12. CNS Infections - Nervous System Infections of the...

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Infections of the Nervous System Nervous System Definitions: • Central Nervous System (CNS): brain and spinal cord • Peripheral Nervous System (PNS): nerves branching from the CNS Treating Leprosy • Treatment will frequently make the disease worse before it makes it better because of reversal reactions (shift from humoral to cell mediated immunity) • Some people cannot adjust to the idea of being a “leper” (be very careful and empathic) CNS Components I Meninges: • dura mater (lines skull), • subarachnoid space(contains cerebro spinal fluid (CSF), • pia mater (lines external surface of brain). Blood Brain Barrier (BBB): • selective permeability of CNS capillaries • limits access of drugs and nutrients • inflammation/infection increases permeability CNS Components II CSF: • Lacks phagocytes, low complement and antibodies • produced by choroid plexus in ventricles • replenished every 3-4 hours • circulates freely from ventricles, around brain and spinal cord and into blood stream • Helps to cushion the brain Definitions Meningitis: infection of the meninges Encephalitis: infection of the brain A viral infection tends to be referred to as an encephalitis, bacterial as meningitis, however the above definitions are correct
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Bacterial Meningitis Disease of young children: • 0-4 yrs 27 cases/100,000 • 5-9 yrs
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12. CNS Infections - Nervous System Infections of the...

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