15. Infection Control - Requirements for Disease Nosocomial...

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Nosocomial Infections and Infection Control Allison McGeer Mount Sinai Hospital Requirements for Disease PATHOGEN • Microbe capable of causing disease – few microbes cause disease in everyone infected • e.g. Chickenpox Tuberculosis Staphylococcus aureus ACCESS • Airborne (breathe in) • Food or water-borne • Contact (touch, droplets from sneezing) – after contact, pathogen must still invade • Vector (e.g. mosquitoes and malaria) HOST Defenses against infection • skin, mucous membranes • general health – nutrition, age, chronic disease • specific immunity – previous exposure, vaccination Why are hospitals a problem? PATHOGENS – They concentrate virulent pathogens ACCESS – By hands on care, they allow transmission of these pathogens HOSTS – They admit susceptible hosts (elderly, immunocompromised) They make them more susceptible (chemotherapy, surgery)
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What kind of infections do hospitalized patients get? • Urinary tract infections • Surgical wound infections • Infections associated with intravenous access (soft tissue and bloodstream) • Pneumonia (after surgery, and associated with ventilators) Pharmacy Responsibilities - I • Preparation of sterile medications and pharmaceutical products • Oversight of appropriate storage, use and
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15. Infection Control - Requirements for Disease Nosocomial...

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