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ME 222 Tensile Testing Memo

ME 222 Tensile Testing Memo - Memo To Adam Greer/Swathi...

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Memo To: Adam Greer/Swathi Chimalapati From: Alex Hyatt Date: 12/03/07 Re: Tensile Testing The ME 222 Engineering Department has been asked to analyze some axial and torsion test data for several steel samples. The group was given data for the load put on the steel sample and the displacement that that load caused. The group was asked to use the given data to find several different aspects about each steel sample, such as the stress, strain, young’s modulus, yield point and ultimate strength.
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Deliverables: 1. Develop a method for determining Young’s modulus from the tensile test data. Compare the value for the steel test specimen in your lab section to the standard value of 200 GPa. Young’s modulus can be found by dividing the stress by the strain of the designated specimen. The Young’s modulus for the data ranged from 165,222 GPa to 210,444 GPa and our section’s value (section 2) was at the top of the range, which again was 210,444 GPa. Young’s
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