Ch. 2, Part 1 Lecture Notes (8.31.09)

Ch. 2, Part 1 Lecture Notes (8.31.09) - 377a 1 Chapter 2:...

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377a Chapter 2: Vernonia Lecture Notes, Part 1 Lesson : Factual Knowledge Is Critical In Legal/Policy Decision Making Legal Reading Case Name : Vernonia School District v. Acton Court : United States Supreme Court Facts Lending to Case Vernonia School District operates one high school and three grade schools in the logging community of Vernonia, Oregon Sports play a prominent role in the town's life Student athletes are admired in their schools and in the community Beginning in the mid-to-late 1980's, drug use became a big issue Teachers/administrators observed a sharp increase in drug use Students began to speak out about their attraction to the drug culture, and to boast that there was nothing the school could do about it Disciplinary referrals rose to more than twice the number reported in the early 1980s Students became increasingly rude during class Outbursts of profane language became common Several students were suspended Student athletes were the perceived leaders of the drug culture A large segment of the student body, particularly those involved in interscholastic athletics, was in a state of rebellion Disciplinary problems had reached epidemic proportions The administration concluded that the rebellion was fueled by: alcohol and drug abuse, and student misperceptions about the drug culture Administration’s Concern
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Ch. 2, Part 1 Lecture Notes (8.31.09) - 377a 1 Chapter 2:...

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