Midterm Form A with answers (10.15.09)

Midterm Form A with answers (10.15.09) - LAW AND PSYCHOLOGY...

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LAW AND PSYCHOLOGY Psychology 377; fall 2009 Instructor Findley Midterm Exam, Form A Instructions: Put your full name (last name first), your student ID number and the particular Form letter (Form A or Form B) that appears on your exam. For each question, one of the four answers is correct. Even if you have a doubt, select the BEST of the four answers. Each question is worth 2 points, so you have an opportunity to earn 50 points toward your final grade. Place your answers on both the Scantron sheet and the examination. Note that stray marks, poor erasures of changed answers, using pen, and multiple answers to the same question, on your Scantron sheet will cause you to lose points during machine grading, and will not be changed on appeal ! You are responsible for ensuring that your Scantron sheet correctly corresponds to your answer choices. The best procedure for you to follow is to mark your answers on the exam which you will take home. After you have answered all questions and reviewed your answers, then copy them onto the Scantron answer sheet. Turn in the Scantron sheet to the TAs, but keep the examination with your answers noted on it. This way you can learn how you did by checking your answers against the answer key which will be posted on the course website, usually the within 24 hours of the exam. This posting will include the examination with the answers noted in bold, and with the exact location/s of the answers in the readings or lectures noted in parentheses next to the answer (e.g., Chapter 1, p. 12, line 3). 1. Why is the U.S. Constitution called the “Supreme Law of the Land?” a. All other laws must comply with the U.S. Constitution (Ch. 1, p. 6, lines 7-8; Lecture Ch. 1, Part 1, slide 5) b. The U.S. Supreme Court, who interprets the Constitution, is the most powerful branch of the government c. Congress voted to nickname the Constitution that title during World War I to represent the world power of the U.S. d. Despite the fact it is no longer used as law, the Constitution serves symbolically as a representation of the struggles the U.S. faced in its development as a nation 2. In Vernonia v. Acton , which of the following best describes the court’s conclusion about student’s privacy interest? a. Students and student athletes have the same expectations of privacy as the rest of the population b. Students have higher expectations of privacy than members of the general population, and student athletes have even higher expectations of privacy c. Students have lower expectations of privacy than members of the general population, and student athletes have even lower expectations of privacy (Lecture Ch. 2, Part 2, slide 10) d. The court found that students privacy expectations was immaterial with regards to drug testing 3. Which of the following is a social science fact that supports the U. S. Supreme Court’s conclusion in Acton v. Vernonia that school teachers would be ill prepared to identify drug abuse in students?
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a. Most teachers lack confidence in their ability to identify issues that affect their students
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Midterm Form A with answers (10.15.09) - LAW AND PSYCHOLOGY...

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