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Ch. 3 Practice Quiz (23 questions). rev 1/09 1. Blueberries grow best in moderately acidic soil. What is an appropriate pH of a soil that is good for blueberries? a. 1.2 b. 4.8 c. 7.0 d. 8.3 e. 12.0 2. The partial negative charge at one end of a water molecule is attracted to the partial positive charge of another water molecule. What is this attraction called? a. a covalent bond b. a hydrogen bond c. an ionic bond d. a hydration shell e. a hydrophobic bond 3. Which bonds must be broken for water to vaporize? a. ionic bonds b. nonpolar covalent bonds c. polar covalent bonds d. hydrogen bonds e. Both polar covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds are correct. 4. Life on earth is dependant on all the properties of water as well as the abundance of water. Which property of water is probably most important for the functioning of organisms at the molecular level? a. cohesion and high surface tension b. high specific heat c. high heat of vaporization d. expansion upon freezing e. versatility as a solvent 5. Which of the following is an example of a hydrogen bond? a. the bond between C and H in methane b. the attraction between the H of one water molecule and the O of another water molecule c. the bond between Na and Cl in salt d. the bond between two hydrogen atoms e. the bond between Mg and Cl in MgCl2 6. Which of the following solutions has the greater concentration of hydrogen ions (H+)? a. gastric juice at pH 2 b. vinegar at pH 3
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c. tomatoes at pH 4 d. black coffee at pH 5 e. seawater at pH 8 7. Which of the following statements about water is correct? a. Water is more dense as a solid than it is as a liquid.
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ch3practicequiz - Ch. 3 Practice Quiz (23 questions). rev...

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