QA-1-19-2010 - 8 Breaking these bonds cools a dog’s...

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BSC1010 Quiz A, 1/19/2010 Name _____________________ Earth vs. Moon 1. On Earth, the 24-hour temperature variation is seldom more than 70 degrees F. On the Moon, the 24-hour variation is 300 degrees or more. Which characteristic of water best explains this observation? a. cohesion and high surface tension b. high specific heat c. high heat of vaporization d. expansion upon freezing e. versatility as a solvent Match the two figures below with the most appropriate statement. 2. Hydrogen bond 3. Covalent bonds containing significant chemical energy 4. Breaking these bonds releases energy from the molecules. 5. Breaking these bonds requires the input of energy into the molecules. 6. Formation of these bonds releases energy. 7. Formation of these bonds drives hurricane winds.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Breaking these bonds cools a dog’s tongue as she pants. 9. Which molecule below is hydrophobic? 10. Which molecule below is hydrophilic? 11. Which beaker above contains an acidic solution? Use the answers below for the following questions. a. Nuclear b. Chemical c. Electromagnetic d. Kinetic 12. The energy that is stored in covalent bonds. 13. The energy that we measure as temperature. 14. The energy that results in the random motion of molecules. 15. The energy that holds protons and neutrons together inside atoms. 16. Light released from breaking covalent bonds or nuclear bonds. 17.Radiation released from electrons falling down in energy level. 18. Ice. 19. Liquid water. 20. Most dense. A. B....
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QA-1-19-2010 - 8 Breaking these bonds cools a dog’s...

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