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Graded Worksheets II

Graded Worksheets II - 1 Worksheet 24 Using a Table to...

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Principles of Microeconomics Econ 221, Sections 5608 and 5609 The following Worksheets will be graded and are due on the day of Exam 2. Please write legibly, preferably print your answers using a reasonably sized script and a pencil with a dark lead. If I cannot make out your handwriting, I will not give you credit. Untidy work will not be graded. Your answers must be on the worksheets so that I have the questions in front of me. If there is insufficient space for your answer you may attach a separate sheet of paper or write on the back of the worksheet. Please staple your work. No paper clips and no dog-earing.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Worksheet 24: Using a Table to determine a Perfect Competitor’s Profit maximizing Output, (This is the correct title of the worksheet), page 151. 2. Worksheet 25: Marginal Revenue and Short Run Profit maximization, Page 160 3. Worksheet 28: A Sequential game, Page 170 4. Worksheet 30: Monopoly and Economic Efficiency, page 178 5. Worksheet 35, Resource Markets, page 194 6. Worksheet 37: Constructing an Output Price maker’s Labor Demand Curve, page 196...
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