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The motivation theory I agree with most is the diversity theory. Diversity theory, unlike the humanistic or  psychoanalytic theories, says that our motivations are not as cut and dry as what we desire sexually, how  to express our aggression, or that we simply want to become self-actualized. The diversity theory says  that our basic drives or needs cannot be broken down into such simple categories. It also states that our  motivations are unique to each individual. I agree with this theory the most because as a rational human  being who has experienced a wealth of different needs and desires I cannot see how there could be any  other way to view motivation. If it were as easy to break down motivations as the humanistic or  psychoanalytic theories suggest then as a country we would have no problems in picking out people’s 
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Unformatted text preview: motivations for murder, robbery, rape, suicide, and countless other crimes and tragedies. The theory I agree with the least is the psychoanalytic theory. This theory suggests that our most basic needs and desires are based on sexuality or aggression. I understand the premise of this theory but I do not understand how someone could be completely supportive of it. If I need to eat or drink, which all of us do, I can assure you there is no secret sexual agenda to that need. Nor is that need fueled by aggression. It is simple biology at work. We need to eat and drink to survive. Not for sexual satisfaction or to let out pent up frustrations....
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