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UCLA Dept. of Electrical Engineering EE 114, Winter 2009 Computer Assignment 3: Spectral Analysis of Speech Introduction : This assignment focusses on the relationship between temporal and spectral res- olution during speech analysis. Furthermore, the assignment studies the use of time-frequency representations, or spectrograms, during speech processing. The Effect of Window Size : In this section we will study the effect of window size on resulting spectral representations. After downloading the supplementary files ca3files.rar , load the necessary data into your workspace by typing: load in; at the prompt. Next, you can display the spectra of the male and female sounds by typing: zpfft(male a,8000,8); zpfft(female a,8000,8); Each time domain signal, which is sampled at F s =8000 Hz, has a length of 320 samples, or 40 ms. Reduce the length of the analysis window by typing the following: zpfft(female a(1: N w ),8000,8); This command windows the first N w samples of the signal ”female a” during spectral analysis.
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