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Aeneid Book 4 Notes - Jupiter and to get his attention...

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Book 4 Anna: Dido’s sister. 3 rd carthiginian in book. servius claimed anna loved aeneas. this is why she’s dido’s spiritual double. she drowned in the numicus river. She says that Dido rejected too many suitors and if she marries Aeneas, Carthage will become more powerful. Dido goes and cuts out cow hearts to speak for her own heart (sacrifice). Dido allows city building to fall by the wayside. Iarbas: A suitor that Dido had previously rejected. Juno and Venus: Juno hates Aeneas. Venus is his mom. Juno pretends to make a peace offering, to try to get Dido and Aeneas to marry. Juno offers Venus joint rule of these two states and the Trojans as dowry. Venus asks Juno to inquire with her husband, Jupiter. Venus knows that Juno just wants Aeneas to not make it to Italy but she agrees anyway. Rumor: Juno and Aeneas have Sex, the rumor is that they are neglecting their duties and are embracing lust. The rumor finds it’s way to Iarbas, Jupiter’s son. Iarbas prays to
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Unformatted text preview: Jupiter, and to get his attention, claims that Jupiter might be a rumor himself. Mercury: Sent by Jupiter to Carthage to remind Aeneas that his destiny is to go to Italy. AKA Hermes in Greek. Aeneas tries to prepare his fleet to set sail in secret, but Dido finds out and asks him what he’s doing. Aeneas responds by asking why Trojans are not allowed to conquer Italy, and that his going to Italy is not his choice. Dido responds by screaming at him, and hinting she’ll commit suicide. However, Aeneas Leaves anyway. Sychaeus: Dido’s ex-husband who was killed by Pygmalion. Anna fears nothing worse than what happened to Sychaeus. Dido’s last prayer: Dido prays that if Jupiter really wanted Aeneas to leave, that Aeneas get killed in battle. Also, she prays for everlasting enmity between Rome and Carthage. Iris: Goddess of Rainbow, Messenger of Gods. Puts Dido out of her misery....
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