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Aeneid Book 7 Latinus : King of Latinium Lavinia: Daughter of Latinus Faunus: Oracle. Latnius consults Faunus b/c he is worried that he will be taken over by a foreign king. A strange voice instructs that the daughter should marry a foreigner, not a Latin. Juno: Unable to keep them off the shores of Italy, Juno vows to cause them more suffering and delay the foundation of the city. Allecto:
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Unformatted text preview: Juno dispatches Allecto, one of the furies, to cause anger in the natives against the Trojans. First afflicts Amata to prevent marriage. Metaphor: snake winding around Amata. Then inflicts Turnus. Amata: Latinus wife. Turnus: Amasses army to fight against Trojans. Once considered top suitor of Lavinia. After Ascansius shoots Latinus deer, commotion erupts....
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